AVS Advanced Video System Console, play NES Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges in HD via HDMI: Video Games

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With the AVS developed by RetroUSB, you can play your NES cartridges in amazing HD! The following items are included: AVS console, full-color box, manual, 6-foot USB mini cable, USB mini power supply (USA plug), 6-foot HDMI cable. No games or controllers. The AVS is a console as beautiful as the pixel perfect HD images it generates. Couldn't be simpler, works just the way you expect it to. Real hardware means no boot or loading times. No stolen software emulators or buggy NOAC chips. A wide range of gamepad, video, and cheat options to play the way you want. The AVS's attention to detail extends to the HDMI video, with super sharp pixels. Zero lag scaling, optional scanlines with variable darkness, and multiple regions let you select the perfect picture. Set horizontal scaling anywhere from square pixels to super wide screen. A NES with composite compared to the AVS is a stunning difference in picture quality. The design even extends to the back, with a standard USB cable for power that can be plugged into the back of many TVs. No ugly power brick needed. Play NES cartridges in HD via HDMI. The AVS is compatible with original NES controllers.

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