GM CLIMBING 8mm (5/16") Prusik Swen Eye-to-Eye Pre-Sewn 45 inch : Sports & Outdoors

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GM CLIMBING 30" / 45" 8mm Eye-to-Eye Prusik Cord Specification Length: 30" / 45" ( from one end to another) Diameter:8mm / 5/16 inches Meterial: Polyester Strength: 20kN/4500lb Assistance in ascending a rope Process capture in hauling/dragging/tensioning System Back-up for belying Tandem rappelling Self-rescue in emergency ­ You could find it a super versatile gear in you rack whether you go for rock climbing, tree climbing, mountaineering, caving, or rescue/hauling system set-up, etc. Compared to mechanical grab, Prusik cord is much lighter and more compact, taking little space in your rack. It also does almost no damage to host rope and could work in both directions during application.

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