​Barbie Doll and Animal Rescue Center with 8 Animals: Toys & Games

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​Barbie knows anything is possible! She's not afraid to take on a challenge and achieve her dreams. She's set up an animal rescue center to help the adorable animals in the wild. The play set features a care station and a tree house, both with multiple spots for the animals to get care and rest. A rope bridge with movable basket connects them for adventurous action. Animal lovers will let their imaginations run wild as they help Barbie doll rescue eight sweet animal patients! ​The center is set up to care for all kinds of animals, which is a good thing since this play set comes with eight patients: a baby deer, a fox, two squirrels (a mommy and baby), two bunnies (another mom and baby) and two owls. Play spaces accommodate each. The realistic looking tree has a platform among its branches, a removable nest among its leaves and cubby holes in its trunk, including a space at the bottom. The care station has two levels: a lower bed area and an upper care space where Barbie animal rescue doll can examine her patients. ​Barbie doll can race to the rescue wearing a pink collared shirt with logo, denim shorts and brown boots. Tools that spark imaginations and stories include a stethoscope, a medicine dropper, feeding bottles and a bowl with food. Plus, the bridge basket is removable for play on multiple levels -- to transport a patient from care station to tree, simply attach it to the ropes and slide it along. ​Kids will love exploring the world of animal care and nature adventure with the Barbie Animal Rescue Center. It's ready to let imaginations and dreams run wild. Collect other Barbie dolls and accessories to expand the possibilities for play because you can be anything with Barbie!​ Barbie doll loves animals so she's setting up a rescue center -where they live to give them care! With eight animal patients, this Barbie doll and woodland rescue center play set lets young animal lovers rescue animals. There's a baby deer, a fox, two squirrels, two bunnies and two owls. Designed with a nature setting, the colorful care station (with two levels) is connected to a tree by a rope bridge that works with the animal-carrying basket. The tree features lots of places for the smaller animals to rest, like the nest atop the leaves, trunk cubby holes and a platform among the branches. Barbie animal doctor doll's care station matches the tree at two stories tall with fun elements like a thatch roof with Barbie logo on top, cool colors and decals throughout and an animal bed below. Barbie doll is ready see patients wearing a collared shirt, denim shorts and boots. A stethoscope, two bottles and a feeding bowl will help her care for the animals. Young imaginations will love playing out their aspirations with this animal rescue center because with Barbie, you can be anything! Includes Barbie doll wearing fashions and accessories, care station, tree, eight animals and accessories. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary. CHOKING HAZARD

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