Kneipp Cedar and Jojoba Oil Bubble Bath, 13.52 fl oz: Premium Beauty

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Specially developed for men, the KNEIPP CEDAR & JOJOBA OIL AROMATHERAPY BUBBLE BATH - “MEN ONLY” offers the discerning man an ideal experience for bathing and relaxing. The powerful, brisk scent of fresh cedar provides a natural, aromatic note and valuable jojoba oil protects the skin from drying out. The liquid jojoba oil contains up to 97% wax and is rich in vitamin E and sterols. Jojoba wax is very similar to the sebum found in human skin allowing it to be easily absorbed. Jojoba wax can increase the elasticity and water-binding capacity of the skin. Cedarwood oil is beneficial for its ability to calm skin irritants such as eczema and dry rough patches. It also protects the body from harmful toxins and bacteria, not to mention its ability to tighten and tone skin and muscles. 19 per cent of men take time at least once a week for a lengthy soak in the bath. Although the percentage of women is still much higher: A good 32 percent of them get into the tub at least once a week, but the trend is clearly going in one direction: People - including men - love bathing! The healing power of water is undisputed, if used regularly, hydrotherapy provides long term support to the immune system and self-healing powers of the body.The water and steam associated with a warm bath offer cleansing, soothing and health-promoting effects. Take the time to focus on your own well-being.The addition of soothing and essential oil-rich bubble bath helps to boost your moment of wellness and pamper the skin. Men deserve a moment of relaxation with Kneipp. Our bubble bath is developed under strict guidelines and proven for skin compatibility and efficacy. Kneipp bubble bath products combine the regenerating power of water with the highest quality of natural plant oils to promote healing benefits of nature and harmonize the body, mind and soul.

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