Hip Brace for Sciatica Pain Relief - Groin Thigh Hamstring Compression Sleeve Support Men Women SI Joint Hip Flexor Labral Tear Arthritis Bursitis Belt Sciatic Nerve Wrap Spica Stabilizer Pull Strain (Black): Industrial & Scientific

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See more product details Sciatica SI joint issues Piriformis syndrome Hamstring pull Quadriceps strain Hip adductor pull Hip flexor strain Hip bursitis Hip arthritis Hip labral tear With wide and durable hook and loop fasteners, the hip brace provides targeted controlled compression, a desirable level of support, and a perfect fit. The waistband prevents the thigh wrap from slipping or sliding during physical activity. It stays in place at all times and provides the extra confidence and stability one needs in high-performance sports to get back in the game and allows one to push the body to the limit. The lightweight, breathable and soft material of the hip brace fits snugly and doesn't catch on dry skin.

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