BBQ Dragon Chimney of Insanity Charcoal Starter - The Fastest and Easiest Charcoal Chimney Starter for BBQ Grills : Garden & Outdoor

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BBQ Dragon makes the best accessories for outdoor grilling, and this Chimney of Insanity is no exception. It is the easiest to use and fastest working charcoal chimney starter on the market. The main cylindrical portion of the chimney is made from thick gauge galvanized steel that is built for durability. This galvanized steel is embossed with our dragon logo, making it the best looking chimney as well as the best working. Inside the chimney is a metal grated tray that holds up your charcoal and briquettes. Underneath this grating there is a 90-degree elbow that opens up on the side of the chimney near the bottom. This innovative design supplies the coals inside the chimney with more air. Since fire needs oxygen to burn, this increased airflow is what makes this charcoal chimney light faster and burn more consistently than other charcoal chimneys. Use the side hole where the 90-degree elbow opens up to insert more fuel or to insert a lighter. For fuel, you can use newspaper, wax sticks, packets, squares, and cubes. All of these fire starters work great when placed into the side hole. You can also blow into the side hole while the charcoals are being lit. On the side of the galvanized steel chimney is a thick heat shield and a heat-resistant nylon handle. These features protect your hand from the heat of the burning charcoal, and the handle makes it easy to lift this portable chimney. However, because of the innovative 90-degree elbow and side hole, you shouldn’t need to lift the chimney while the charcoals are being lit. This charcoal lighting chimney kit is everything you need to get your charcoals ready for the grill, but we also recommend checking out other outdoor grilling gear made by BBQ Dragon. The BBQ Dragon Fan can be used to make this rapid charcoal lighting process even faster. This clip-on blower tool will turn your charcoal chimney into an insane charcoal blast furnace that is ready to use in as little as three minutes. This is the fastest charcoal chimney starter on the market. While some chimneys have you waiting for 20 minutes before the coals finally light, our innovative design allows coals to be lit in as little as three minutes. That means that you’ll already be grilling by the time another charcoal chimney would have been ready. Our charcoal chimney starter implements an innovative 90-degree elbow that opens at the side of the chimney and draws in more air than other chimneys. This increased airflow creates a turbo effect and allows charcoal and briquettes to light faster and burn more consistently; also designed to fit the BBQ Dragon Fan. This side hole can also be used to insert more fuel like newspapers or fire starters.

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