| Forge TSA Luggage Combination Lock - Open Alert Indicator, Easy Read Dials, Alloy Body- Ideal for Travel, Lockers, Bags (Black 4Pk) | Luggage Locks

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Forge is a quality TSA locks distributor, it is also a veteran-owned business based in Wyoming since 2015. We build first-rate, stylish locks for your travel needs. We bring our customers the best in products, services and after purchase support. TSA locks are a great compromise between personal security and national security. They allow travelers to maintain some level of control over who gets into their luggage while affording TSA officers the ability to open bags if they need to do so. Airport Theft is More Common Than You Think. Between 2010 and 2014 the TSA reported more than 2.4 million dollars in missing items at American airports alone. 25% of these thefts happened in the baggage pick-up areas. TSA Locks Work as an Excellent Deterrent. With so many bags unlocked, other people present and limited time to work in, thieves will pass locked bags by in favor of easier unlocked targets. An Alloy Body Designed for Tough Work. Forge locks use a 100% alloy body which is built with the stress of airport handling in mind. Top Quality Locks! Know if You’ve Been Inspected Right Away. There’s nothing worse than getting to your hotel and discovering that the TSA has lost an important item when inspecting your luggage. Forge's inspection indicator will let you know if the luggage has been opened right away so you can deal with any problems while you’re still at the airport. Multiple Uses: Forge's 3 Digit combination locks can be used when traveling on your carry on or check in luggage, suitcase or backpack, a gym locker, duffle, golf or carry on bag, briefcase or school locker Etc. Prevent the Grab-and-go Theft - Keep your personal possessions secure in the airport, fitness center, hostel, hotel, train station and other public places. Chrome Dials Are Too Shiny. Chrome dials reflect the bright fluorescent light in baggage terminals which makes them very difficult to read. No Reading Glasses needed. By using a white numeral on a black background, Forge locks are significantly easier to read in bright and low light conditions. Know If You've Been Inspected. Indicator will pop up if luggage has been opened. Know if you need to check your luggage for lost or damaged items before you leave the airport. No Battery Needed. Indicator uses a mechanical pop-up so you don't need to worry about changing the battery on your lock. Increased Security. Hardened steel resists cutting and attempts to bend. Greater Durability. Shackle will not warp during rough airport handling. This Lock Will Stay Locked. The pull weight on the shackle is rated to over 150 pounds. Will Take a Beating. Will not dent during airport handling. Lightweight Material. Low weight lock body that doesn't sacrifice tensile or impact strength. No Plastic, No Problem. 100% Zinc Alloy Body. No plastic weak points. Dancing in the Rain. The low-grade steel and iron used in most travel locks will rust and freeze up if exposed to water. Our stainless-steel tumbler can be submerged in water with no negative effects No Brass, No Oxidation. Other travel locks use brass in the tumbler system. Brass will oxidize and freeze up over time, especially in humid environments.

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