VaygWay Steering Wheel Spinner Knob- Car Suicide Handle Knob Ball- Universal Tractor Vehicle Boat Black- Wheel Accessories Arthritis Handicap Spinners: Automotive

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Description: Custom Autos Steering Wheel Spinner - Universal Fit Steering Wheel Spinner with Power Handles » Make the turning maneuvers much Easier and much less effort with Custom Autos Steering Wheel Spinner. It gives you Ability to pull of some really tight car moves. Increases the torque of the steering wheel while eases single hand steering allowing you to have Smoother turns, Faster parking, safer lane merging and in general handling tight spots. Excercising caution will only increase Car Safety.» The spinner is made with High grade ABS to ensure Durability and Efficiency for long lasting usage. The classic black color gives you smooth Retro look enhancing your car interior. Useful for any car owner. Such as beginners or people struggling with arthritis, muscle problem, carpel tunnel syndrome, low muscle tone and the likes.

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