Muscle Max Massage Ball - Therapy Ball for Trigger Point Massage - Deep Tissue Massager for Myofascial Release - Mobility Ball for Exercise & Recovery: Health & Personal Care

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Looking for some serious tension release, but have no partner willing to give daily massages? The Muscle Max Massage Ball enables you to work out knots & stress all on your own. Feel the deep release of YOUR Trigger Point today. WHAT IS MYOFASCIAL RELEASE? By relaxing contracted muscles, myofascial release therapy (MFR) improves blood circulation & stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles. This therapy normally requires paying for a session at a clinic or health center. The Muscle Max ball is a great home based alternative… without the expensive doctor fees. Residual stress leaves behind tension in the body... especially the back. Rolling on a regular basis helps prevent tension build up & provides much needed relief for strained muscles. BALL SIZE: The ball is 3.2 inches diameter which is right in between a tennis ball and a softball. It’s made of high density rubber to withstand weights up to 500lbs. This allows for rigorous full bodyweight exercises & Ultra-Deep tissue massages. Wall Crawl – Press the ball between your back and the wall. Work out the tensest areas. Quad Rollout – Lay on your side, place ball underneath quads, use arms to roll back & forth. Sitting Foot Massage – Place ball under foot & apply as much pressure as is pleasant. Glute Trigger Point – Laying on your back with knees bent, place ball underneath butt & roll until you find a trigger point. Shoulder Self Massage – Roll ball around neck/ shoulder area to roll out tension leftover from exercise or stress. Body recovery is an important part of a good fitness routine & rolling before or after a workout can help. Spend 5 to 10 minutes rolling out your sorest muscle groups before or after each workout. You'll likely be at your sorest 1-2 days after the workout, so listen to your body & give it what it asks for! GREAT FOR: Easy Storage Keeping it Clean Storing Under Car Seat Storing in Cluttered Bags Taking to the Yoga Studio Working Out at or After the Gym Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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