BEYELIAN Rubber Practice training Head Cosmetology Mannequin Head Flat Mannequin Doll Face for training Eyelash Extensions Face Painting Makeup Massage Practice : Beauty

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Practice Training Head is made of imported soft silicone, which has a smooth, realistic surface like human skin. 1. Before each makeup or painting, be sure to spray a layer of hairspray and wait for it to dry completely, which will effectively prevent stains. 2.After use, please apply some soap on the face, then use your fingertips to swirl on it until the paint begins to loose and lifted, and finally rinse with water. For stubborn stains, use baby oil, mineral oil or alcohol (≥90%). The practice head can be used to practice eyelashes extension. The curvature of the eyelids simulate the eyes of real people, making your practice more perfect. The practice head has a smooth, realistic surface and simulation of human skin, making makeup more realistic, just like the effect on the real face. The practice head is designed according to the real human face. Can be used to practice facial massage techniques, just like the effect on the real face.

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