CB09 CB09U Graphtec Cutting Blade Holder with 15pcs top Quality Vinyl Cutter Plotter Cutting Blades for Silhouette 30/45/ 60 Degree (Each Degree 5pcs): Electronics

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Specifications: Material: hard alloy Diameter(Outer): approx.11.5mm/0.45" Diameter(Inner ): approx.1.5mm/0.059" Length(Clamp to down): approx.33mm/1.29" Length of holder: 51.8mm Package Include: 1*Blade holder 5*30 Degree Blades 5*45 Degree Blades 5*60 Degree Blades Suitable for: Plotter cutter. Notice: Blade should not extend too long,generally within half a millimeter is better, while paying attention to extended balde longer properly when carve the small print, in order to avoid the blade holder take the carved strokes away. Suitably engraved small print with new cutter and slow down. When the word carved with angular phenomenon,you should change the blade to eliminate the problem,if the phenomenon persists after change blade, it should be the holder problem. When problem arise the blade holder,try a drop of oil in the bearing and rotate the blade several times to lubricate, if still unresolved, consider replacing the blade holder.

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