BONAI Rechargeable battery charger for AA AAA Batteries,8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger with AA 2800mAh (4 Pack) and AAA 1100mAh (4 Pack) Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteies-UL Certificate: Electronics

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BONAI rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1,200 times. Voltage: 1.2V 2800mAh AA & 1100mAh High capacity and Advanced low-self discharge,Keeping power for a long time. Charge with trickle Electric Current, Expand batteries life. Make the batteries work well on a variety of devices. Package Contents: ►1.2V Bonai Ni-MH AA rechargeable batteries x 4 ►1.2V Bonai Ni-MH AAA rechargeable batteries x 4 ►Bonai 8 bay smart charger x 1 ►user manual for charger x 1 ►USB cable x 1 . For Optimal Use: ►This rechargeable battery suit for common 1.2v product and partial 1.5v product, can NOT work on rated 1.5v products. ►When inserting batteries into your device, please take care to match the right polarities (+ and - ends) marked on the battery to the device. ►Batteries that are incorrectly inserted into devices may be short-circuited. Do not charge regular batteries (only batteries marked Rechargeable). Charging in pairs is bad for battery lifespan in the long run ►This is because even if you start with same brand of recharge batteries, there is always some difference in their capacities. When you charge two unequal cells in a pair, the one with lower capacity ends up being over-charged, which further reduces its capacity over time. So your overall battery capacity will deteriorate much faster. It’s normal batteries get warm when charging.Please use the charger at 0~40℃.

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