JGB Enterprises A008-0321-1651 Eagle Red PVC Discharge Hose, 2" x 50', Aluminum Type C and E Cam Locks, 150 psi Working Pressure, -14 Degree F to 170 Degree F: Industrial & Scientific

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See more product details JGB Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1977 as a high quality assembler and supplier of industrial and hydraulic hoses and hose accessories. We have grown to service a broad variety of national customers including the automotive, marine, petroleum, dairy, construction, and defense industries. Our customers also include paper manufacturers, steel mills, and chemical companies - among a host of others. JGB also services the needs of the United States Armed Forces, NATO, and various Foreign Military Services throughout the world. We provide all types of OEM spare parts, accessories, and components used in Aerospace, Ground Support, and Shipboard applications. We also supply Engineered Systems of our fabrication. JGB supplies every style of industrial, hydraulic, and stainless steel braided metal hose and fittings to the commercial business sector. JGB handles several major US brands of hose and fittings that allow our customers to choose the brands they prefer. Because major corporations are often required to use several vendors due to specific product limitations, we can frequently provide our customers a single source for MRO/OEM hose and fitting requirements. Our inventory of hose, fittings, and hose assemblies practically guarantees same day shipping, the facilitation of just-in-time services, and greatly reduces the frequency of back orders. JGB also provides Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), whereby our sales personnel will manage customer inventories, via bar code scanners or bin label systems, on an as-needed basis at customer sites. The Company's corporate headquarters, administrative, and sales offices, and main warehouse are located in a 90,000 sq. ft. facility in Liverpool, NY. The company also runs two 30,000 sq. ft. warehouses on Executive Drive, one 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse on Henry Clay Blvd., and one 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse on Crossroads Parkway for a total of 190,000 sq. ft. in Liverpool, NY alone. JGB Enterprises has also established 5 Branch Sales Offices in Buffalo, NY (20,000 sq. ft.), Charlotte, NC (30,000 sq. ft.), St. Louis, MO (12,000 sq. ft.), Williston, ND (10,000 sq. ft.), and Houston, TX (33,000 sq. ft.). Designed for agricultural, quarry, irrigation, mining, construction and industrial applications. Premium Red PVC Tube and Cover. Two spiral plies and longitudinal synthetic cords reinforcement. Alumium Type C and E Cam Locks. -14°F to 170°F Temperature Range.

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