Epitomie Fitness Bionic Flex Pull Up Assistance Band – Premium Dual Layer Pull Up Assist Bands for Strength Training Exercise, Physical Therapy, Powerlifting, Stretching – Set of 4 Resistance Bands : Sports & Outdoors

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Don’t settle for power bands that snap and lose resistance after a few workouts. Each Bionic Flex band in Epitomie Fitness’s resistance-band set is built as strong as you are! These bands are twice as strong as any other power bands because they’re the only bands that have 2 layers of flexible and durable polymer. They keep up with you no matter how often you work out! An extra layer of polymer provides strength & durability for push and pull exercises. Take functional fitness to a whole new level. These power bands don’t just supplement pull ups. From bicep curls to stretching, you can do it all with Bionic Flex! One of the most versatile fitness products ever made, they can assist you with: Mobility training Physical therapy Functional fitness Strength and conditioning Body build CrossFit And much more! Whether you’re doing resistance or assistance exercises, the advanced pullup bands are designed for it all! Their 2 continuous layers of natural rubber feature a patented “push pull” polymer for any resistance-band exercise you can think of. No more damaged pull-up assist bands at the bottom of your gym bag. Each band includes a carrying case, perfect for protection and portability! Plus, they arrive ready to wrap and give to your gym buddy, though you may be tempted to keep them for yourself. Whether you tailor the bands to your preference or combine different colors to increase resistance and support, there’s an Epitomie Fitness pullup band for you! For above-average body weight, combine any of the colors below to give you the resistance you need: Yellow (Low) is perfect for low body weight or high reps for average body weight Green (Med-Low) is perfect for medium-high reps for low body weight or high reps for average body Blue (Med-High) is best for low reps for low body weight and high reps for average body weight Red (High) is best for low-medium reps for average body weight

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