Kabuki Brush,Large Foundation Brush,Professional Face Brush,Soft Dense Synthetic Blush Brush,Premium Makeup Brushes for Mineral Stippling Liquid Cream Powder: Beauty

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1 pc Kabuki Brush: Super soft and dense synthetic hairs are perfect for putting up makeup on-the-go, perfect for diffusing and buffing powders onto the skin. 1. Wet the bristles in warm water, please do not use hot water as the heat might damage the bristles. 2. Pour some mild cleanser (like baby shampoo) into the water, stir the mixture gently to combine. 3. Only dip the bottom half of the brush into the mixture and swirl the bristles in the water until the brush is fully lathered. Note: Do not fully immerse the whole base of the bristles to avoid water traveling up the handle. 4. Rinse the bristles, squeeze the water out of bristles gently. 5. Repeat the above steps until all cosmetics are removed. 6. Reshape the bristles, let the brush air-dry, then fluff it with your fingers. Always cruelty-free, this makeup brush gives you an incredibly silky touch while applying makeup. High-quality durable aluminum handle/base keeps all bristles tightly together, no shedding while applying makeup. Made of extra dense synthetic bristles, do not shed while applying makeup products.

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