B4B BANG 4 BUCK 7" Center Cap with 5-Lug Steel Wheel Chrome for Ford 1997-2003 F150 F-150 97-02 Expedition: Automotive

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We need more information to verify that this product fitsyour vehicle. Installation Tips: For more tightness, please don’t "pop" the hubcaps on with the palm of your hand only, but with help of a rubber mallet, line them up correctly and give them several pretty solid whacks (just like the originals needed) to get them to snap on and seat around the lug nuts properly. Once they’re properly tight, they won’t come off unless with a big screwdriver or pry bar. Bang4buck Chrome Center Hub Cap 7" with 5-Lug Steel Wheel for 97-04 Ford F150 & Expedition is heavy duty and tight snap, great for replacing your old, broken or missing hub cover, simply a snap to install. Good hubcaps will be great helpful to you and ensures safety on the road. Don't be a road hazzard with your loose wheel covers and instantly upgrade! Besides, whether bolt-on, clip-on or dual retention, Bang4buck Wheel Covers and Accessories are designed and made of heat and impact resistant materials which have been tested to insure a secure and reinforced fitment in order to stay in place no matter what the road conditions are. Bang4buck Wheel Covers such as Hub Caps, Wheel Skins, Wheel Simulators, Center Caps and Trim Rings may be available in different sizes, colors or finishes. Welcome to go shopping from our store! Quick Installation; Super lightweight; Tight snap on design to prevent falling off; Made of Chrome and PVC can be anti rust and waterproof, lasting for long time; Seamless welding exhibits a more precise steering movements and a better cornering performance. Color:Silver; Material: Chrome; 5" Lug Wheels ONLY; Fits 7" FACTORY Steel and Alloy Wheels. Interchange Part Number:For Ford 1997-04 F150 and Ford1997-2004 2003 Expedition; Other Part Number:For Ford F150 Heritage Expedition 5 Lug. Compatible with: 1997-03 Ford F150 1997-03 Ford Expedition 2004 Ford F150 Heritage

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