Freestanding Badminton/Volleyball Combi Posts [Optional Nets] | Portable Steel Posts : Sports & Outdoors

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Price USD:$299.99 - $339.99*



Freestanding Badminton/Volleyball Combination Posts (With Optional Nets) There’s no need to limit the action to just one sport with these professional combination posts. The perfect fit for schools, colleges & clubs where permanent fixings aren’t always suitable, these posts allow you to play badminton and volleyball to official BWF and FIVB regulation standards. Completely freestanding, these premium badminton & volleyball posts are 100% portable thanks to the heavy-duty wheels that come attached to the bases. For a greater sporting experience, why not add a professional badminton net & volleyball net to your posts! Professional Badminton/Volleyball Combination Posts 100% Freestanding & Portable Manufactured using 50mm diameter steel (Powder Coated) Bases feature heavy-duty plastic wheels Badminton Height: 5ft | Volleyball Height: 8ft Weight: 46lbs / 21kg Posts conform to BWF, FIVB & BS EN: 1509 Official Regulations Optional Badminton Net: 20ft x 2.5ft with 2.5in mesh (PVC coated headband) Optional Volleyball Net: 32ft x 3ft with 4in mesh Brimming with professional quality, these combination posts will always deliver world-class durability. Expertly manufactured using premium 50mm diameter steel, these posts have been given a blue powder-coating finish to help give them greater longevity and supreme resistance to rust & corrosion. Each base feature two hard-wearing plastic wheels which allow you to transport the posts over any hard surface. Our optional badminton & volleyball nets allow you to produce a court that conforms to BWF & FIVB regulations – perfect for competitive play. Engineered from 50mm Outer Diameter steel, these combi posts are built to last. Finished with a blue powder coating, they are supremely resistant to rusting & corroding. By selecting the appropriate option above, you can add a high-quality badminton net & volleyball net to help you create the ultimate sporting experience. Both nets are regulation sized making them perfect for competitive play. These badminton & volleyball posts are ideal for schools, clubs & colleges where permanent fixings aren’t always suitable. The base of each post features heavy-duty wheels for easy-portability.

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