Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules 1500 mg 120 Capsules, True Ceylon Cinnamon, Blood Sugar Levels Support Supplement - Sri Lanka Cinnamon Ceylon Powder Joint Support: Health & Personal Care

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Herbtonics comes from the ancient words “herb” and “tonic.” The Latin word “herb” describes a plant valued for its medicinal properties, whereas the Ancient Greek word “tonic” describes a medicine intended to restore. Together we have formed "Herbtonics" to promote all-natural methods of using herbs to restore and inspire optimal health through innovation. At Herbtonics, we provide supplements containing authentic ingredients powered by ground-breaking science aimed at helping you achieve a new level of well-being — one that will make you say, “Yes, I will heal!” 120 vegan capsules BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS: Cinnamon Herbal Supplements has been shown to promote and regulate healthy blood sugar levels, however individual results can vary. Please consult with a healthcare professional to determine if Cinnamon is right for you. If you notice an irregular increase or decrease in blood sugar levels, or any other adverse effects from using this supplement, please discontinue use immediately. Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority, and if you are not satisfied, simply contact us for a refund or exchange. "Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing, or if product appears to have been tampered with. Contact us for a replacement or a refund if you are not comfortable using the product." This warning is to ensure that all products delivered to Amazon customers are in factory sealed and brand new condition. If it was a product returned by a previous customer, with a broken seal, customers should not use it, instead they should contact us immediately. "Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a healthcare professional before using this or any dietary supplement. Do not use if you are pregnant of nursing. Cease use immediately and contact a healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reactions. KEEP OUT THE REACH OF CHILDREN.Ceylon Cinnamon 1500 MGAs a dietary supplement, take two (2) veggie capsules onc a day. For best results, take 20 - 30 minutes before a meal with an 8 oz glass of water, or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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