wisedry 50 Gram [6PACKS] Rechargeable Silica Gel Desiccant Packets Fast Reactivate Desiccant Bags Orange to Green indicating for Air Dryer Food Grade: Industrial & Scientific

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See more product details Advantages: High Capacity of Water Absorption: up to 35%,a 50g desiccant packet is able to absorb at least 17g water. Safe without Chemical Leakage Problem: No physical transformation when in use,nontoxic,no harm,no pollution. With Color Indicator: remind when the desiccant packet need to be reactivated / replaced,always keeps dry. Microwavable & Reusable: Just 2-3 mins fast reactivated in microwave, also can be dried in oven. Can be reused more than 10 times. Food Grade Materials: Safe to be used with foods and medicines. Easy Operation: Product comes ready to use. Functional: Widely apply to foods, seeds, spices, boats,gun safe, ammo cans, tools boxes, electronics, cabinets, closets, books, consmetics, safes, decorations, etc. An ordinary desiccant packet may need tens of mins or totally can't support to be reactivated for reuse. With the visible color indicator,easy to know when the desiccant packets need to be reactivated or replaced.Always keeps dry. Unique customized packing material,can be fast reactivated and be reused for more than 10 times,cost effective. vacuum packing,outer sealed with a ziplock bag, to avoid damage and performance loss before use,convenient to store the rests after open.

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