TOP BRIGHT Toddler Fishing Game Gifts for 2 3 4 Year Old Girl and Boy Toys Birthday Presents: Toys & Games

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Assemble the handles and then place all wooden fish on our fishing pool fabric or the ground. Show your kid how to catch a fish by dangling the fishing pole near the fish to “catch” it, then take the fish off the line When your kid catch one fish, your can teach him/her letters and words on these wooden fish. If they read the word correctly, then keep the fish, making a pile by their side. The fishing game ends when all the fish are caught. Now it's time to let your kids practice counting and numbers. Add the scores together, the one who get higher score is the winner! From angelfish to jellyfish, this 26-piece toddler fishing game filled with colorful ocean lives is perfect toys for 2 year old boy and girl. Each piece of these blocks introduces a kind of ocean animals to your kids, which helps enhance their ocean recognition and ignite kids’ sense of wonder and fascination with the ocean world. The well-polished surface without sharp edges or splinters of this wooden fishing game is more secure as toys for 2 year old boys’ little hands to explore. As pretend play toys for 2 year old boy and girl, the fishing rods of this toddler fishing game are designed to imitate the real ones, with retractable string and comfortable size for your baby. Baby can easily catch the fish using the fishing rod with strong magnet. Nice choice as gifts for 2 3 year old boy and girl.

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