Iron Hammer Portable Shower Camp Shower Rechargeable Shower high Capacity 4800mAh Camping Shower pet Shower, with Shower Valve (Shower with Water Valve) : Sports & Outdoors

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Portable Camping Shower,Battery Powered Outdoor Shower for Outdoors,Camping,Pet Cleaning,Car Easy to use - Press ON/OFF button by one to open it, and press button one again you can close it. Intelligent Safety Protection - More safety when charger your device Supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection. Automatic shutdown if a short circuit or overload output occurred while unit is charging. Volt: 3.7V Lithium Battery:4800mAh Water Flow:Low stall 3L/Min;High stall 4L/Min Charging Way: DC Input 5V Charging Time: Depending on your charger(5V/2A:about 3hours) Indicator light:Charging indicator light(red);Lowpower indicator light(blue) Total length:About 210cm(82.7inch) Pump size: Φ 65 x 108 mm (Φ 2.56x4.25 inch) Safety water temperature: 50 ℃ -50 ℃ Package Content: 1 x Portable Electric Shower 1 x USB-DC Cable 1 x Suction Cap 1 x User Manual 1 x Water valve(Select) Shower with shut-off shower valve (You can choose to buy) You do not need to bend over,turn off the shower and turn on the shower anytime.Turns Water from Bucket/Sink Into Steady,Gentle Stream.​More water conservation.It takes longer to rinse shampoo. Is there with the shut-off shower valve? (You can choose to buy) This allows you to conserve more water and energy.This is plenty of time to scrub, scrubing your body.A helpful tip is to turn off the device while you’re actively scrubing your body.  A Simple Portable Solution Portable handheld size (4.25*2.55inches) The lightweight,powerful gadget.easy to carry.more stable more easy to use.Whether you camping,hiking, home,gardening or cleaning,enjoy the liethe amenities of home. A variety of charge methods Rechargeable 4800mAh Lithium Battery.simply plug the USB cord (included) into the unit and into an integrated USB charger.(or into a USB compatible device such as a laptop or computer. )or you’ll need a 5V USB car adapter (not included)which plugs into your cigarette lighter.easy charging. How do you removed the bottom to clean filter inside? The bottom cover gap toward the palm, The thumb and forefinger squeeze the vents on both sides of the bottom cover,then turn left or right the bottom cover. How long to get fully charged? If you are using a 5-volt/2-A charger,provides up to 80-140 minutes of use on a single 3 hours charge. Low mode:if 3L/min,you can use 140 minutes,each bath for 15minutes,use it for at least 8-9days High mode :If 4L/min,you can use 80 minutes,each time taking a bath for 15 minutes,use it for at least 5-6days What length is the tubing? The length of thetube is 180CM add the pump,add the shower head, the total length of 210CM. If the pump is working, the pump leaves the water, the air enters the pump, please turn off the pump, the pump is lifted from the water, Drain the air, the pump put into the water, and restart the pump for normal work. How to use hot water? (It does not regulate the heat,The product itself does not have heating function)we can heat water on my camp stove, add it to a pail and submerge the pump in the warm/hot water to use as a shower.that is how I use it in my truck camper by heating the water on the gas stove to a comfortable temperature.Safety water temperature: +50 ℃ to -50 ℃ Red LED means it is low powr,Blue lightis charge. When the light its blue it means its charge.Charge about 3 hours, the blue light will close.There will be no light once the unit is unplugged from the charging source.This means it is fully charged and read to use. Be sure to replace the charge plug cover prior to use to avoid any water getting into the charging port.To avoid any harm to your charging source or to persons,DO NOT USE WHILE CHARGING!

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