Masqueology - Jeju Volcanic Ash Charcoal Pore Cleansing Bar | Facial Cleansing Bar - Pore Unclogging and Oil Remover (3.52 oz): Premium Beauty

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What is Premium Beauty? Amazon sources from top brands to offer you a wide range of high-end products for women and men. To buy Premium Beauty and Premium Men’s Grooming items, just look for the Premium Beauty badge. Premium Beauty FACIAL CLEANSING BAR | Designed to help get rid of excess oils and unclog pores, leaving the skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. Clear excess sebum and fight breakouts. Masqueology is building a new skincare lifestyle brand using the latest scientific advances and the best ingredients available. M*O products were created with a group of chemists and dermatologists dedicated to the improvement of how our skin reacts to the environment and chronological aging. After 10 copious years of research, our dermatologists have created a patent formulation for an anti-wrinkle ingredient. M*O needed to create an easy convenient way to deliver advanced active ingredients to your skin. A mask system would deliver the right amount of product and allow for the concentrated amount of time needed for the products to penetrate into the layers of skin and be absorbed. M*O masks have an additional beneficial effect on your face. While wearing the masks for 20 minutes, you are releasing the stress of your facial muscles. The result is a very smooth, relaxed and tranquil appearance. Taking those few minutes for yourself gives you the gratification that you are focusing on you.

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