Good Vibrations Zero Gravity - Universal Weight Absorbing String Trimmer Strap with Bungee PRO-X System & Deluxe Comfort Shoulder Pad - Reliefs Body Tensions & Stabilizes Trimmer for Maximum Control : Garden & Outdoor

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We do love our lawns, our fields, our homes and our skies. We love being outside, we even love making sure our lawns look as beautiful as the land they’re placed on. We just wish it wasn’t so hard to take care of them. Our mission is to make sure the ‘process’ is as satisfying as the end result. Fun even. Thanks for liking our line enough to read down the page this far. We think Form & Function will always be in a two-way tie for 1st place, and Quality is always worth it. We believe the tools you use should be smart. So they work better, look better, and feel better than whatever you were stuck using before. Here’s the deal – we’ll handle the design, the patents, the computers and the technology. You handle the mowing. Sound fair? Thanks again, now go outside, breathe the air, feel the sun, enjoy our innovations…and have fun.

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