Hockey Revolution Professional Training Flooring Tile - My Training Surface : Sports & Outdoors

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Our My Training Surface consists of white and colored dryland tiles with passers attached to the opposite ends. Designed to improve your stickhandling, shooting, and passing skills, this off-ice training kit can be used indoors or outdoors. The entire set includes: 9 white tiles 6 colored tiles (red, yellow, green) Instructions for setup What makes this set unique is it comes with an interactive app that gives you instructions on how to move your puck. This makes your training even more challenging and thorough. Learn how to move your puck in different angles, directions, and positions. Create an off-ice rink in just minutes with our hockey practice kit. Each tile fits together perfectly for an easy assembly. What you get is a smooth surface that lets your puck glide effortlessly. PUSH YOURSELF TO THE LIMIT-AND BEYOND. ADD THE HOCKEY REVOLUTION PROFESSIONAL TRAINING FLOORING TILE TO YOUR CART TODAY!

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