Elegantfully Silicone Wrinkle Chest Pads 4-Pack: Beauty

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LET CHEST WRINKLES BE A THING OF THE PAST There are many factors that cause wrinkles in the decollete area. These lines can form from natural aging, sun damage, gravity, toxins from the environment, or side sleeping. Whatever the cause, these chest wrinkles can keep you from wearing clothes with low necklines. It is best to treat these areas before the lines become deeper and permanent. Creams, lotions and serums offer little help and are extremely slow acting. Our chest pads, on the other hand, deliver visible results in a matter of hours! Try it for yourself; you have nothing to lose except some chest wrinkles! Our pads are durable, thin and lightweight so they not only stay in place during sleep or activity but also feel exceptionally comfortable to wear. We made sure that our silicone chest pads are designed to feel like a second skin. Each pad is thin enough to conform to your curves but tough enough to stay adhered and prevent skin wrinkles from forming. Each silicone chest pad can be reused until it loses stickiness (10-15 uses per pad).The pads can also be washed when required (see product insert for further details). We used a special adhesive that maintains its stickiness even after several washes and uses. The pad is easy to remove and it won’t leave any sticky residue on your skin. Our pads are manufactured using medical grade silicone and offer exceptional skin tolerance and comfort. We care about the planet and its living creatures and we adopt a 100% cruelty free approach in all aspects of our business. No material is ever tested on any animal whatsoever. When skin is dry, it’s more likely for lines and wrinkles to form. It is important to replenish the lost moisture from your chest skin to keep it soft and smooth. Our chest pads are designed to hydrate the décolleté area by creating a moisture locking micro-ecosystem between the silicone pad and skin, which in turn assists the body’s natural production of collagen. Collagen is a protein that promotes elasticity within the skin helping it to appear more youthful and healthy. Apart from moisture, it is vital to reduce any prolonged folding or creasing of the skin. Side sleeping creases the skin in the chest area for an increased amount of time, which is bad news when trying to keep chest wrinkles at bay. Elegantfully chest pads are designed to FIRMLY hold the decollete skin in place while you sleep, allowing you to wake up free of chest wrinkles. Wrinkles on the chest area make one appear much older than they actually are. With our anti-wrinkle pads, you now have a way to effectively treat these unsightly wrinkles with visible results. You can once again wear low necklines that show off your new and improved décolleté! If you’re heading to a party, you can do a booster session with our chest pad by wearing it for at least 3 hours prior to the party and Voila! The pad will give your décolleté an instant plumping and smoothing effect. For best results, wear the pad for a longer period of time. We designed and developed this product by listening to what our customers wanted from the ideal chest pad. We have enjoyed perfecting every aspect of the pad and know that you will love the final product. Go on and give it a try! ELEGANTFULLY product ingredients are: of a high – quality gentle on skin vegan (not tested or derived from animals) You can rest assured that your skin will benefit from an extremely effective skincare solution designed to yield softer, smoother and more radiant looking skin. The ELEGANTFULLY family focuses on providing quality products to help our customers achieve their best skin and encourage them to proudly embrace their own beauty. It has been a concerning (and frustrating) experience that skincare products are generally over-priced, tested on animals and laden with harmful and unhealthy ingredients. Since your skin is your body’s largest organ, we take caring for it very seriously! We have therefore created a customer focused brand that strikes a healthy balance between 4 main aspects namely affordability, quality, ethics and well-being. With so many product options to choose from, we don’t blame you for getting a bit….overwhelmed! But rest assured that with Elegantfully Décolleté Pads, your skin will receive the best wrinkle care possible. Elegantfully Décolleté Pads offers you the most value for money with our cost effective 4 - pack. In skincare there is no compromise therefore we use only the highest quality materials. You can be assured of receiving the best quality pads, that are durable, reusable and have no harsh chemical smells.

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