Kenroy Home Rustic Indoor Table Fountain, 19 Inch Height, 10 Inch Width, 6 Inch Ext. with Slate (51046SL) : Garden & Outdoor

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Rectangles abound in the design of the Channel table fountain. A rectangular base supports the large archway that makes up the body of the fountain while holding decorative river stones. Made of natural slate, the fountain blends modern lines and natural coloring for a cohesive fountain. At 19-inches tall, this fountain has 4 platforms jutting out from the large archway. Water starts at the top and runs down through each platform in a stepped pattern until reaching the basin below. This table fountain could find its home on your desk, bringing the calming sound of water into your work space. Whether you’re settling in to finish up projects or finish a paper, the fountain will help to make a relaxing environment as you work. Or if you have a nice lounge space outside, the stepped platforms will keep water running as you enjoy a cool fall night with friends. The fountain can be used in an entryway to welcome guests with its soft water fall, immediately greeting them with a sense of relaxation. Perfect for contemporary-inspired spaces, the Channel table fountain will bring a cool sense to your space. Made of real natural green slate, this table fountain blends modern lines and natural coloring to create a cohesive Zen look in your tranquil living space. Water trickles from the top of an archway into a series of stepped platforms before spilling into a bed of polished riverstones, filling the area with the soothing sound of gently flowing water as you enjoy a cool fall night with friends. A hidden LED at the top provides plenty of gentle, ambient lighting to add to the relaxing atmosphere to create your perfect backyard spa retreat. 120 volts

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