ROAD WARRIOR US Travel Plug Adapter EU/UK/CN/AU/IN to USA (Type A) - RW111WH-US - -

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The power receptacle accepts various kinds of plugs: the "European" plug, the "Australian" plug, the "British" plug and the "Indian" plug. EU / UK / CN / AU / IN plug converts to USA 2-pin plug (Type A) ROAD WARRIOR US plug adapter has the "American" standard two flat parallel metal prongs. It converts the configuration of plugs of your appliances. The power receptacle accepts various kind of plugs, such as Type G (the UK /Hong Kong), Type I (Australia / China), Type C (Most of Europe), Type E (France), Type F(Germany "Schuko"), Type L (Italy), Type N (Brazil), Type D (India). The USA plug adapter converts European / British / Australian / Chinese / Indian plugs to the USA Wall Plug(Type A). You can plug your electronics into the power outlets in the USA. But It simply changes the shape of your plug, not the electrical voltage. If your devices only operate at only one voltage level (220V-240V), you'll need a voltage converter/transformer. Many modern electrical devices are built to be able to handle a range of different volts(100-240 volts) and travel-friendly devices have a switch to toggle between the two voltages. It is ideal for traveling in the United States of America, Canada, and Japan at 100-125V Counties and Areas. And also It is useful for using appliances that bought from foreign countries, such as laptop computers, string lights, lamps and so on. AC Receptacle Outlet: 6A / 125V. *Does NOT CONVERT electrical output current and voltage. Do not use it over 125 Voltage / 6A electric current. NOTE: UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug(BS 4573): The USA plug adapter DOES NOT accept UK 2-Pin bathroom plugs with electric toothbrushes and shavers. The adapter has two 5.1-mm-diameter holes and 19mm spacing between the center of each round hole. But the UK 2-pin bathroom plug has round pins spaced 16.6mm. AUS/China 3-pin Big Plug with high-wattage devices(Type I): The USA plug for low-wattage devices cannot accept 3-pin 8mm wide plugs. The V-shaped two square holes of this adapter are 6.35 mm wide. AUS/China 16A high-wattage devices have 3-pin 8mm wide plugs. Large 8.7mm South Africa plug (type M): The large 8.7mm South Africa plug (type M) looks like the India plug (type D), but its pins are much larger. The USA travel adapter DOES Not cover the large South Africa plug (type M). Specifications: AC Outlet: 6A / 125V. Dimension: W36×H36×D47mm / 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.9 inch Weight: 35g / 1.2 oz Color: White Certification PSE Caution: It Does NOT CONVERT electrical output current and voltage. If your devices only operate at only one voltage level (220V-240V), you'll need a voltage converter/transformer. Please do not use with refrigerators or similar high powered devices (electric heaters, etc.). Please do not plug it into a 220V-240V outlet. Safety and Durability The US plug adapter is made of clear durable polycarbonate plastic that has a reputation for high heat resistance and toughness. The US plug adapter meets PSE safety approvals. *PSE certification is Japan's mandatory safety certification according to the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (DENAN). Plug Type A - Mostly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, China, and Japan. For small, low wattage gadgets If you use your Multi-voltage devices from foreign countries in the USA, it is a good choice! This electrical US plug adapter converts the configuration of plugs used for your appliances in order to plug it into North American outlets. It is ideal for the use of Multi-voltage small power electric devices (100-240V), such as mobile phones, video cameras, portable DVD players, digital photo cameras, and so on. Note: Does not convert voltage. Designed in Japan The ultra-small cute cube-shaped designed plug adapter is good for your beautiful living room, stylish home office, and minimal kitchen. It has a good grip on the receptacle, it provides a very reliable snug fit. If your family or friends visit you in the USA, this USA plug adapter is a practical gift for them, the compact design makes it easy to pack. W36×H36×D47mm / 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.9 inch size and 35g / 1.24 oz weight. ROAD WARRIOR is a brand of the Japanese electric manufacturer "SHIROSITA", which specializes in Universal International Power Plug Adapters, Power Strips and more. Since our company was started in 1923, we have been a Japanese "Mono-zukuri" (the traditional Japanese concept of craftsmanship) company for more than 90 years. All our products pass through stringent quality testing procedures and inspections. They work well and reliably. ROAD WARRIOR provides unique, innovative, high-quality Travel Gadgets to our customers worldwide. Our useful, durable and stylish mobile accessories are lightweight and compact, which are designed help to you stay light and mobile when traveling. ROAD WARRIOR products are loved by the majority of our partners and consumers for reliable product performance, high quality, and unique appearance. 125 volts

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