Qtimal Ball Bungee Cords, 30 Pack of 3 Sizes Tarp & Canopy Shock Cords, Extreme Heavy Duty Gazebo Tarp Tie Down Cord - -

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Ball bungees are very handy for a lot of applications, especially are perfect for easily securing a canopy, tarp, tent flaps, event tents, and more thanks to the ball end closure design There are several good application coming from the friends online for the ball bungees 1.Tie extension cords together 2.For setting up small tarps or other ground cover over outdoor plants and trees to prevent freezing 3.Tie down a lid on a garbage can or recycling bin 4.Secure lids on pet food to keep unwanted animals and pests out 5.Attach Christmas lights or other decorations to fences, posts, etc 6.Loop one around your phone and attach to your belt, backpack, etc. when outdoors 7.Gather and secure extra long extension cords, computer cords, media cables, etc. to keep them neat and managed8. Bungee cords can be used for securing tarps, cables, cords, sleeping bags, securing items in the home, and hundreds of other uses. 9.Our bungee cord will be a favourite at the campsite helping you to quickly set up tarpaulins and canopies. With this ball bungee package, you get exceptional value with a total of 30 ball bungee ties. Whether you're a trucker, camper, biking enthusiast or weekend handyman, order your premium ball bungee package today for a tying solution that's easy, dependable and durable.PACKAGE INCLUDED: 10 pcs 6 inch ball bungee cords 10 pcs 9 inch ball bungee cords 10 pcs 11 inch ball bungee cords

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