Cedar Markers 27"x20" Framed Chalkboard Sign. 100% Non-Porous Erasable Blackboard and Whiteboard. Chalk Board for Chalk Markers. Homeschool Magnet Board Decorative Big Chalkboard for Every Event.: Home & Kitchen

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You might think that a chalkboard is simple and there isn’t much to do to make it special. We will try to prove you wrong. We made our board unique so you will have many possibilities when you use it. Here are some of the benefits you get when you buy Cedar Markers chalk board: 100% non-porous surface ideal for the use of liquid chalk markers. Magnetic blackboard. Whiteboard. Twine rope for hanging on any wall. One of the best things about using chalk markers is the option to wipe them off and start over. Unfortunately, not every chalkboard is suitable for the use of chalk markers. Some boards are not 100% non-porous and the ink will stay on without the possibility of erasing it. It was extremely important to us to bring you a chalkboard with frame that will serve you for many years. We made sure that all the colors wipe from it with ease so you can have lots of fun and be sure that no matter what happens, you can always start over. We know you love your blackboard and we do too, but sometimes you have a project that requires a whiteboard. Just flip the board over and you have a great erasable whiteboard ready to use. Cedar Markers is very well known for its high-quality liquid chalk markers. Our assorted colors will make your chalkboard sign look like no other. People will stop and stare at the amazing colors on your slate board and if you put it out side of your business place, people will get in for sure. Now that you finished your project, it’s time to show everybody the result. Hang the board in your kid’s room, your office or your restaurant and it will add amazing colors to your life.

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