Houseables Bungee Cords with Hooks, Bungie Straps, 4 Pack, 48 Inch Long, Yellow, Flat, Premium Rubber, Bungy Chords, Adjustable, Long Bungi Rope for Dolly, Upcart, Car Trunk, Camping, Luggage, Moving: Automotive

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Universal Use When it comes to bungee cord use, the options are endless. With such a versatile tool, you’ll find amazing applications for years to come. Create a baby gate at the top of stairs by merely strapping the cords between the railings and draping a sheet or cloth over them. Use the bungee cords to strap barbecues to truck beds for easy and secure transportation or bungee down boat covers during heavy winds. Traditional bungee cords with a round cord design can roll and slip, allowing for precious cargo to come loose. With a flexible nylon outer sheath, the flat cord will stay put, but can still stretch to extreme lengths. The flat lay design also helps fight against scratching that can be caused by traditional bungee cords that slip across cars, boats, or other vulnerable items. Our bungee cords are 3 times stronger than the conventional cord with an ultra hook for even more gripping power. Tie down patio heaters to decking so they can’t fall over resulting in injury or damage. The steel core with glass-filled nylon covering provides the maximum strength and security for large items that need extra protection. Classic bungee cords erode under extended periods of time under the sun, but our flat bungee cords are covered in a UV resistant outer jacket to prevent such damage. Now you’ll be able to secure your items under the hot sun without cracking or drying out. Our industrial-grade rubber will keep its elasticity through a grueling summer so your most valuable things can stay and secure.

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