(50 Pack) Postage Meter Tape 6x4 Compare to Pitney Bowes 612-0, 612-7, 612-9, 620-9 Neopost 7449704, PC2N Hasler 9004080 50 Count Personal Post Office e700 : Office Products

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For use in Pitney Bowes Mailstation (K700/K705) mailstation2 (K7M0) DM100i (PL00/P705) DM125 (PR00/PR05) DM200L (P7L1/P7L5) DM225 (PRL1/PRL5) P700/P7L1 PersonalPost (E700 Series) DM300c/DM400c/475c DM500/DM525/DM550/ DM575/DM800i/DM825 DM875/DM900/DM925 DM1000/DM1100 NeopostCan be used in all Neopost Machines. Ideal for use in IJ25, IS280, IN300, IS330, IS350, IS280, IN300 Hasler Can be used in all Hasler Machines, Ideal for use in WJ20, IM330, and IM350. All of our labels are packaged in high quality white boxes. Our boxes prevent damage from occurring during shipping and make it easier for you to store your labels. Many competitors labels are shrink wrapped because it is cheaper but they do not protect the labels from getting damaged and from laying loose all over the place once the shrink wrap is opened.

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