T.Smile 3rd Generation Dental Flosser 1 Handle + 50 Soft Silky Ribbon Floss Heads + 50 Extra Strength Floss Heads, Evolutionary Clean, Pack of 1 : Beauty

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This evolutionary flosser features extra-strength floss which prevents stretching, shredding and breaking. An ergonomic handle design is included to provide comfort while cleaning, with a patented mechanism to easily attach/remove the floss head. Angled at an optimal 135 degrees, the floss reaches every crevice between your teeth. Frequent flossing removes plaque from teeth in areas that can’t be reached by brushing, and is an important step in your oral care routine. This flosser comes with 1 handle + 50 soft silky ribbon floss heads + 50 extra strength floss heads. T. Smile 3G Flosser also comes with soft silky ribbon floss (slides easily in tight spaces) and extra strength floss (does not stretch, shred or break). Experience the evolutionary cleaning of your teeth. Make flossing easier and more comfortable today! Insert the end of the floss head into the handle. Use your index finger to push the head into the handle. When it clicks, it’s ready. Use your thumb to gently press down on the head lock untill released. Use your thumb and index finger to grab the floss head by the sides and gently pull out. Do not pull up on the floss.

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