HTN9000 Charger Compatible for Motorola HT750 HT1250 PR860 EX500 MTX950 HT1250.LS PRO5150 PRO7150 WPLN4107 HNN9013 HNN9008 JMNN4023 JMNN4024 : Electronics

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Package Included: 1 Set WPLN4107 WPLN4107BR HTN9000 PMLN5196 Tri-Chemistry Charger with AC adapter Compatible with Motorola Radio: HT750 HT1225 HT1250 HT1250LS+ HT1250.LS+ HT1500 HT1550 HT1550XLS GP240 GP280 GP320 GP328 GP329 GP330 GP339 GP340 GP360 GP380 GP381 GP540 GP580 GP640 GP680 GP750 GP1250 GP1280 GP1550 MTX450 MTX850 MTX850LS MTX850.LS MTX900 MTX950 MTX950LS MTX960 MTX8250 MTX8250LS MT8250 MT8250LS MTX9250 PRO5150 PRO5350 PRO5450 PRO5550 PRO5750 PRO7150 PRO7350 PRO7450 PRO7750 PRO9150 PTX700 PTX760 PTX780 PR860 Fit for Battery Model: HNN4001 HNN9008 HNN9008A HNN9008AR HNN9009 HNN9009A HNN9010 HNN9011 HNN9012 HNN9013 HNN9013D BNH-9008 BNH-9012 PMNN4008 PMNN4009 PMNN4042 PMNN4097 JMNN4023 JMNN4024 If you need more other models, please feel free to contact us for details. Thanks!

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