Wee-Wee Puppy Training Pee Pads 50-Count 22" x 23" Standard Size Pads with Febreze : Pet Supplies

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Wee-Wee advanced formula Odor Control pads with the power of Febreze freshness neutralize strong ammonia odor to keep homes smelling fresh and clean. Every pet parent and dog deserves a clean and fresh-smelling home. That's why Four Paws partnered with Febreze to create the ultimate odor-eliminating dog pads. We infused our Wee-Wee Odor Control Pads with Febreze Freshness, which eliminates pet smells and provides a fresh spring scent. These dog training pads eliminate pet odors 2x faster than standard pads. Plus, the 7-layer, leak-proof technology with new oversized quilted pockets guarantees 24-hour wetness protection. These new Wee-Wee Pads for dogs make housetraining and cleanup a breeze! Place your dog on the pad throughout the day to familiarize him with the attractant. When your dog eliminates on the pad, immediately reward him with praise and a treat. Quickly replace the soiled pad with a new one. If your dog eliminates other than the pad, place him on the pad and encourage him to eliminate there. Once your dog is trained indoors, you can begin teaching him to eliminate outside. Gradually move the pad closer to the door, and eventually to the desired area outside. Or use indoors every day for stay-at-home dogs.

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