Static Reflective Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope, Tree Climbing Gear for Outdoor Activities, 10mm Heavy Duty Mountain Equipment & 30m(98 ft) Emergency Fire Safety Braided Ropes : Sports & Outdoors

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I like mountaineering because when you are at the bottom of the mountain you think the mountain is like a titan that is about to crush you; but when you climbed to the top, it doesn't seem so big anymore. Adventures and conquering your fears is the best feeling ever.In order for me to climb that mountain or keep myself safe during a dangerous hike, I need a rope that withstands my weight (160 pounds, by the way, I am not fat ok?) and also convenience for me to grab and use. Firerope complete these tasks without any hassle. The rope can easily be used with any strap or harness. It's super easy to use with the gri or atc (grigri if you don't know what a gri is). The rope is easily stored in your bag or on your belt.The rope can handle over 5225 lbs (23.26KN) at its max weight and also have reflective threads of the shell that easily be seen regardless the time of day or weather conditions. I don't know how much you weight but unless you weight more than 26 average-sized baby elephants combine then the rope can handle your weight without any problem. I am pretty sure you will be safe.The rope comes with the ends as sew up donut buttons (so no prusik needed) and carabiners so it is super easy to connect with other rope and longer rope. Just hook two up together and you will have a 60m rope for your sport either indoor or outdoor.Besides using it for rock climbing, I also use it for keeping myself safe at home, such as create an escape in case of fire, or when I climb on my roof to pick up the basketball that got stuck. My second favorite besides rock climbing is to use it for the hammock I have. It's just so relaxing to lay on your hammock on top of the mountain (Hopefully there will be trees so I can hang my hammock). It's a very great cord and a great accessory to have.Get yours and stay "on top"!

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