120W Slim Power Cord AC Adapter Charger for MSI Gaming Notebook A12-120P1A A15-120P1A ADP-120MH D MSI GP60 GE60 GE62 GE70 GT640 Lenovo Y730P B470 B475 by ETTECH: Home Audio & Theater

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Compatible with Model:MSI GE70 GS70 GE60 GE62 CX series: CX62-2QD CX62-6QD CX72-6QDGE series: GE60-0NC GE60-0ND GE60-2OC GE60-2OD GE60-2OE GE60-2PC GE60-2PE GE60-2PF GE60-2PG GE60-2PL GE60-2QD GE60-2QE GE62-2QC GE62-2QC GE70-0NC GE70-0ND GE70-2OC GE70-2OD GE70-2OE GE70-2PC GE70-2PE GE70-2PL GE70-2QD GE70-2QE GE72-2QC GE72-2QL GE72-6QD GE72-6QEGL series: GL62-6QD GL62-6QF GL72-6QD GL72-6QFGP series: GP60-2PE GP60-2QE GP60-2QF GP62-6QD GP62-6QE GP62-6QF GP70-2PE GP70-2QE GP70-2QF GP72-2QD GP72-2QE GP72-6QE GP72-6QF GP72-6QE GP72-6QFChicony A12-120P1A A15-120P1A Delta ADP-120MH D Msi notebook Clevo N870HL N850HL N855HL N857HL N850HK1 N855HK1 N857HK1 N850HK N855HK N857HK N870HP6 N875HP6 N870HK1 N870HJ1, Sager NP6659 NP7155 NP7170 NP7255 NP7258 NP7278 P5855 NP6852 NP6850 , Msi GL62M GV62 GE62 GE72 GL62 GP62 GS70 , Gigabyte gaming P15F P17F P34 P35 P55 P25 Series, Gigabyte Sabre 15 17LENOVO Y460 Y570 Y580 Y400 Y730P Y480 Y560 Y430P Y470 Y460P Y500 Y510P 41A9734 41A9732 41A9733 57Y6556 57Y6547 36001718 36001684 PA-1211-04 PA-1211-04LI 36002031 36200400 36002079 36200403 57Y6549 888010725 Lenovo ideapad Y500 Series 9541-2SU, 9541-2VU, 9541-2ZU, 9541-35U, 59360241Your support is the greatest impetus for us!

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