Boaton 48'' Climbing Utility Cord, Nylon Sling Runners, Tree Climbing Gear, Rigging Tool for Tree Work, Rock Climbing, Rescue, Rappelling, Rigging, Hiking, Emergency Gear : Sports & Outdoors

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Specification: Length: 48 inch Width: 5/8 inch Material: Tube Nylon Webbing Breaking Strength: 22kN / 4840lb Weight : 97g (2/5 lb) Certification: CE1019 EN566 APPLICATIONS: A must have Climbing Utility Cord, can be use for Tree Work, Create Anchor Systems, Make Simple Climbing Safety Harness, etc. best idea for Tree Climbing, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Rappelling, Hiking, Emergency Gear, etc STAY SAFE ON TREE WORK: Simply strap this to the tree, and attach it to you safety harness, when you get on stand on the tree, you will feel unmatched safety in the field. PERFECT FOR TREE WORK: You can attach it to the tree to create anchor systems, than attach the anchor systems to your safety harness, which will be a fall protection. CREATE ANCHOR SYSTEMS: Creating equalized anchor system, slinging around natural protection like trees or threading through stones to create instant anchor. MAKE SIMPLE SAFETY HARNESS: Round you body with this nylon sling like the picture to make a simple safety harness for climbing. Very simple and practical. POLYESTER MATERIAL: The product Package Included: 1 x Nylon Sling

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