IVORIE Home Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit Cosmetic DIY Teeth Replacement Missing Tooth Make Your Own Teeth Smile Better: Beauty

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PREMIUM QUALITY AND fast, easy and inexpensive way to repair and replace the missing tooth within minutes in the comfort of your own home. For recreational use. Perfect choice for many occasions: House Moving, Easter, Retirement, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Birthday Party, Party, Christmas, Wedding & Engagement, Valentine's Day, Grand Event, Anniversary, Halloween, Father's Day Great for a temporary tooth or a quick fix! It is really easy to make it. It comes with everything you need to make about 20 teeth.INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Pour some of the pellets into a cup or small bowl and pour hot water from a kettle over them. They will turn clear and stick together. 2. Remove the putty from the cup with a spoon 3. Using your fingers, quickly mold the clear plastic into a “worm shape”. Place the clear plastic material in the “trough” portion of the teeth and squeeze with your fingers a small bit of the clear plastic through the three holes. 4. In front of a mirror, use both hands and push the fake teeth over your teeth. Use your thumbs to 'tuck' the excess fitting plastic behind teeth. 5. Remove the tooth gently and let it cool for 10 minutes. When the fitting plastic cools, it turns white again. If it does not fit the first time, you can reheat and try again as needed. 
 Please note that this product is not a denture or dental device. It is intended only to enhance your appearance for cosmetic purposes.This product comes in original retail packaging of IVORIE. It comes with instructions and warnings printed on official IVORIE product brochure. It comes with a lifetime guarantee offered by IVORIE for the life of the product. IVORIE is a registered trademark. IVORIE IS A REGISTERED BRAND WITH AMAZON. homopolymer, dental mirror, empty utility cup

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