Affordable Flexible Valplast Customized Partial Denture (Pink, Valplast): Industrial & Scientific

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See more product details Flexible Partial Dentures Compare to Dental Office Price of $1770 Impression Kit is Included in Our Price You Can eat with it In Your Mouth No Extra Charge for Extra Teeth Added Can Last Up to 4 Years Flexible Partial Dentures Also known as Removable Partial Dentures Teeth Plate Flippers Nesbit Bridge Most durable teeth device that we offer made of a nearly unbreakable plastic that we attach teeth to and fill areas where you currently have teeth missing This is the only device that we add teeth to that you can leave in your mouth while you eat We make this same exact Removable Partial Denture for dentists that we offer directly to the public Hence we are able to charge you less is because you are taking your own teeth impressions A teeth impression kit is included in the price and your teeth impressions are what you will send to us to have your device made. Wear Flexible Partial Denture can be worn 24 hours a day and can be worn while you are eating To insert or remove this teeth device, use both hands and push on or pull off evenly with your thumb and index finger. It may take several days for your tongue to get used to device and then your speech will return to normal. Care To clean the Flexible Partial Denture simply brush it with toothpaste and water after each use You can use effervescent tablets once a week for deep cleaning. Shipping Details 3-way Shipping Process Teeth Impressions Kit shipment to you Teeth Impressions Kit back to us (it will take the lab 10-12 days to manufacture your teeth device(s)) Teeth Device(s) shipment back to you NOTE - WE MAKE QUALITY PORCELAIN CROWNS AND BRIDGES, ZIRCONIA CROWNS AND BRIDGES & ACRYLIC PLEASE NOTE - THIS FLEXIBLE VALPLAST DENTURE IS CHEAPEST/ AFFORDABLE AND VERY CONVENIENT WAY FOR REPLACEMENT OF YOUR MISSING TEETH AS THIS IS PURE CONSERVATIVE PROCESS YOU NO NEED TOOTH CUTTING AS IN FIXED PARTIAL DENTURE OR BONE DRILLING AS IN IMPLANT.. THIS BEARS A VERY LOW COST TOO.. THANKS

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