Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter Accessories, BREEZE Pads Refill Pack Multi Cat Litter - 8 ct. Bag : Pet Supplies

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Rethink the litter box with the BREEZE Litter System. The innovative all-in-one system helps you conquer odor by dividing liquids from solids using an advanced pellet system and disposable pads. Non-clumping pellets allow liquid to pass through to the absorbent pad below, locking in moisture and fighting odor. Solids stay in the grated tray, where anti-tracking pellets ensure easy scooping and odor control. Rely on the extra-strength disposable pads in this Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Multi-Cat Pads refill pack for a fresh-smelling home. Each pad is crafted with super-absorbent material that holds a high level of liquid, making it the perfect choice for families with more than one cat. Just one of these extra-strength pads has enough absorbency to last two cats for a whole week, and our multi-cat pads are guaranteed to block ammonia odor for one week for two cats. If you want to create a clean environment in your cats' litter area, multi-cat pads can help. They're engineered to absorb liquid faster than single-cat pads, which helps prevent unpleasant smells. The absorbent core locks in moisture to keep the litter box dry. Each pad is lightly scented, so you can use it to help maintain a neutral atmosphere for your cats and your family. Install these pads in your BREEZE Litter System (sold separately), and experience how easy it is to replace and dispose of them for yourself. Cat Pad Simple Setup and Maintenance: 1. Place one cat pad (soft side up) in the BREEZE Litter System drawer and slide into the base. 2. Drawer can be rotated without touching the pad to extend pad life.

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