BearTOOL Tool Lanyard with Single Carabiner and Adjustable Loop End, Standard Length, Maximum Weight Limit 8KG / 17.6lb, Aluminum Screw Lock Carabiner with Shock Cord Stopper, 0923S (3 Pack) - -

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What is a BearTOOL Lanyard? A simple safety tether to prevent any dropped equipment, and greatly reduce accidents which ultimately ensures proper fall-proof capabilities on construction sites, roofing, tower climbing, scaffolding or anywhere which needs up to 8kg in weight secured to an anchor. Why is this lanyard for you? Made from premium quality, extra-durable bungee cord straps, with stainless steel carabiner for strong and sturdy locking, these tool lanyards are definitely a must for every self-respecting handyman! Make sure you minimize the risk of injuries caused by dropped tools and increase the workers’ productivity on construction sites, at the same time ensuring higher mobility when handling all sorts of tethers or hand tools! Great for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Proven to be great for ironworkers tools, scaffold ratchet tools, or as hard hat accessories When it comes to our customer’s satisfaction, there’s simply no room for compromise. That’s why we have chosen to work only with top quality materials and verified suppliers, which are committed to delivering to our high expectations. Dimensions: 31.5” / 90cm (relaxed) - 65” / 165cm (extended) x 20mm, Max Load: 8KG (17.6lbs) Spring single direction black 8mm aluminium carabiner has been upgraded to incorporate a locking screw which allows objects attached to undergo movement without any drops The energy and shock absorbing elasticated cord made from recycled nylon is a perfect match for any weights upto 8kg, it will keep your tools tethered whilst allowing maximum flexibility. The new redesigned spring clip in its rectangular form is designed to stop your tools from becoming loose and ensures a tough hold on the object, avoiding any misplaced accidents. Move the grip stopper to the end forming a loop then place the helve of a tool over the loop Next lasso the loop over the helve of the tool so the cord is wrapped around 360 degrees Finally push the grip stop along the cord creating a tight seal around the helve and your ready to go!

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