Under Eye and Forehead 24K Gold Patches - Anti-Aging Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Pads Helps Reducing Puffiness & Wrinkles & Dark Circles Bags - Gel Bags With No Parabens, Hidden Chemicals, Side Effects: Beauty

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24K GOLD PATCHES for the FOREHEAD & UNDER EYE AREA - The perfect skincare routine to start or end your day. Infused with dozens of essential ingredients, our patches rejuvenate, replenish, and revigorate your skin. 100% Cruelty-Free, and Safe for Home Use. The majority of the customers use them three times a week, and they noticed significant improvements even after the first week. Because we love animals, and we don't want you to put any chemicals on your face. PRO TIP: Store the patches in the refrigerator.

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