Really RAD Robots - Electronic Remote Control Robot with Voice Command - Built for Speed and Tricks - Turbo Bot : Everything Else

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Turbo Bot is built for speed! With a full function Remote Control including a "Turbo Boost" Switch! When you have a need for speed, switch up to "Turbo Boost" and Turbo Bot takes off. And he sounds as fast as he looks with his Turbo sound effects! Make a quick exit or zoom past your friends! You never know when you need "Turbo Boost"! Your Turbo Bot is not only fast, he's smart! With his "Voice Command System" Turbo can be controlled just by speaking to him! Turbo can talk back and respond to you, He can even tell you a joke! You can also control his movements using "Voice Control"! Make him spin, break dance, tell you a joke and explore on his own. Your wish is his command! Turbo can record and playback a message that’s up to 10 seconds long! Record a message and play it back for your friends. Or play pranks on your parents and friends. Turbo is great and being sneaky. Roll Turbo into another room so he can record conversations then get out of there pronto before he's found out! Turbo has "Crash Recognition"! If Turbo gets too RAD, loses control in explore mode and hits something, Turbo can tell and instantly changes direction to get out of trouble! With a database full of RAD sound effects and fast talking phrases, Turbo is a bot that's full of personality! Get pranking with some funny and gross sound effects using the "Gross Mode", or feel the need for speed by switching the SFX button to "Engine Mode" and rev up your engine with some turbo effects! Meet turbo Bot. Really rad robot's speed machine! A fast moving robot with a fast talking mouth, This guy is full of personality and tricks! Take hold of the multi function rad remote and take turbo for a spin. Turbo's remote is full of features including a "turbo" Boost" Button! Switch to "turbo mode" And check out why this robot matches it's name! Turbo even has crash recognition! Turbo knows when it has hit something and can change direction! With voice command You can tell turbo what to do or just chat with him! Tell him to "spin", "dance", "explore" Or even get him To tell you a joke! turbo is full of personality! With a databank of cool sound effects and expressive light up eyes, turbo loves to prank and make you laugh! turbo can record you and others! Sneak into a room, record their conversation and make a fast getaway before you're found out! take control! It's time to roll with Turbo. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- Small Parts & Small Ball. Not for children under 3 years.

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