Melnor 65042-AMZ Heavy Duty Metal Nozzle 2-Pack with QuickConnect Product Adapters, Bundle Set : Garden & Outdoor

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Cover all of your watering tasks with this dual Pack of metal nozzles. The rear trigger includes A lock for constant watering. The classic nozzle sprays from a gentle rinsing shower to a Blasting jet that will help in cleaning. The multi-pattern nozzle provides 5 a variety of ways to meet all gardening & cleaning needs. Milnor's quick connect system makes connecting & disconnecting watering tools a snap. The included Product adapters stay in place on your nozzle so it’s easy to attach to the hose end when you need it. When not being used with a quick connect system, Simply attach the threaded end of the nozzle to any standard garden hose. Need additional information or assistance from Mel nor? Leave feedback or ask a question below. We value your experience with us. Warning: Intended for outdoor use only. Severe electrical shock could result if water is sprayed into outlets or sources of electrical current. Do not use water more than 115°F (46°C). Do not use when the ambient air temperature is less than 40°F (4.5°C).

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