Melnor 65066-AMZ Metal Pulsating Sprinkler QuickConnect Product Adapter Set, Bundle, XT Tripod : Garden & Outdoor

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Melnor introduced the first successful oscillating sprinkler in 1946, and the company continues to build on that quality with sprinklers that cover a wide variety of watering needs. A beautiful lawn or garden is in the palm of your hand. With these durable watering nozzles and wands, you can tackle all your watering chores. Prevent over or under watering with Melnor water timers. They offer an easy solution for keeping your yard and garden healthy while conserving water. Take watering to new heights, with the metal pulsating sprinkler with tripod. Cover an area up to 85’ diameter, great for watering large size lawns & gardens. The sturdy tripod base extends to 48” high, to water from above providing a more natural, rain like spray. The all metal construction is durable enough to last through Seasons of use. Give your lawn & garden with the right coverage & gentle watering to keep them healthy & thriving. Milnor quick connect system makes connecting & disconnecting watering tools a snap. The included Product adapter stays in place on your sprinkler so it's easy to attach to the hose end when you need it. When not being used with a quick connect system, Simply attach the threaded end of the sprinkler to any standard garden hose. Need additional information or assistance from Melnor? Leave feedback or ask a question below. We value your experience with us. Warning: Intended for outdoor use only. Severe electrical shock could result if water is sprayed into outlets or sources of electrical current. Do not use water more than 115°F (46°C). Do not use when the ambient air temperature is less than 40°F (4.5°C). When not in use, drain and store indoors away from freezing temperatures.

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