KinHwa Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths Soft Microfiber Face Cleansing Cloth Magically Remove Cosmetics Only with Water 6inch x 12inch 6 Pack Dark-Gray : Beauty

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If it feels like the cloth is dragging and pulling at your skin, that means the cloth isn't wet enough. You want it so wet it is dripping water or nearly so. If it's not working well to remove your makeup, the water may not be warm enough. This works the best with warm water. Re saturate the cloth with warm water. The warmer the water the better, but you don't want it too warm since the skin of your face is more delicate than the rest of your body. Too warm can actually hurt and damage your skin. Use a new section of your cloth with each makeup removal. You won't need to use the whole side of the cloth to remove one day's worth of makeup. Using a new section each time will dirty the cloth slower. You will still have to cleanse your face after using the KinHwa face cloths. The face cloth is only going to remove your makeup and any products on the surface of your skin, it is not actually going to thoroughly cleanse it like washing your face will. KinHwa makeup remover cloths are easy to care for and can be washed just like regular laundry. We recommend using organic and skin friendly cleaning products to assure ultimate skin protection. Important: Please don’t use Fabric Softener when washing as it will leave a coating that will reduce the effectiveness of the microfibers. The face cloths work with all types of makeup, such as foundation, lipstick, and mascara. Also can be used on baby's eyes, face and skin. It is strong enough to withstand regular daily use and wash and won't fall apart due to its extra strength construction and stitching. Not only these cloths are sustainable, effective and easy to use, but they are also extremely cost effective. Help you save your money.

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