DALU.A.F Tennis Vibration Dampener - 6 Pack American Flag Tennis Shock Absorbers for Tennis Racket Strings, Best for Tennis Racquet, Durable & Long-Lasting, Great for Tennis Players, Sold : Sports & Outdoors

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Product Descrioption:Make a great gift for tennis fanatics--They are also excellent for kids--Reward your players with these fun and useful accessories Vibration Dampeners Function: Maximum shock absorption for maximum feel and comfort, help to minimize the vibration of your racket while providing excellent arm comfortThe main use of these vibration dampeners is to lessen the racket vibration when you hit the ball. When the ball is struck the vibration travels from your racket to your hand and up your arm. Most people have heard of tennis elbow. A stiff racket can produce a lot of vibration and this can lead to tennis elbow. Having a flexible racket and a vibration dampener will lessen the chances of tennis elbow.  Features: -Reduced Vibrations-Less Fatigue in Your Shots-Fast and Easy To Install-Exceptional Shock Absorption-Fits Most Racquets-Not easy to Fall Off The Racquet Applicable:-Gifts for tennis fanatics-For kids as gifts or motivational tools-Prizes in contests and competitions-To identify different rackets Not just for tennis rackets. You can use these vibration dampeners in any strung racket, for tennis, squash and badminton

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