Ikegel: Easy to Use Pelvic Floor Strengthening Device with Kegel Exercise eBook | These Kegel Exercise Products are Doctor Recommended, Ideal Kegel Balls for Tightening and Bladder Control: Toys & Games

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As a busy mother, I know how hard it can be to give yourself the care you deserve but sometimes it’s a bit more important. I still remember the times my pelvic floor weakness led to awkward silences and worried gazes from family and friends. They weren’t the proudest moments of my life but they were eye-opening ones which encouraged me to do something about a very real issue that doesn’t get enough attention. I soon realized the minor dampness I felt every now and then had started to get worse so I knew I had to do something about it – so I did! My search for a discreet, practical and effective solution led to these Kegel weighted balls which not only helped strengthen the pelvic area but also helped combat the leakage and loss of tightness which helped me regained the confidence I had lost. Hopefully, Ikegel Kegel weights for women can do the same for you! Ikegel weighted kegel balls are made using only medical grade silicone that is safe to use for all skin types, BPA-free, Waterproof, Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free and can even be used during pregnancy to train your pelvic floor and strengthen your bladder control. Each Kegel weight exercise ball is thoughtfully crafted using a ergonomic, hygenic design while being colour coded to make it easier to distinguish the weight. The Kegel exercise weights with the lighter colours will weigh less while the darker coloured Kegel exercisers will weigh more. I’m not just giving you a reliable Kegel workout system but also providing you with the knowledge you need to maximize gains and get the results you want. The detailed ebook with a foreword by physiotherapist Dr. Katie McGee will help you get started and provide simple to follow steps to make training easier. As you get older even simple things like laughing, sneezing, exercising, or coughing can lead to leakage that only gets worse the longer you ignore it. Ikegel pelvic weights are created to help you prevent leaks by strengthening your pelvic muscles so that you can live without the fear of losing control of your bladder. Whether you’ve given birth once or have had multiple childbirths over the years, you can count on Ikegel to help give you the freedom you want. Every woman is different so not everyone can start off their journey with the same weights. This is why each pack comes with 6 different weights that can easily be used by both starters and experienced users. You can start from the lightest Kegel muscles exercise device and comfortably make your way to heavier weights all the while enjoying the results of all your efforts. It’s a cost-effective and reliable way to help reduce incontinence Reduce vaginal prolapse without causing discomfort Increases tightness and improves sensitivity “down there” Helps make your nightlife more enjoyable Gives you the confidence to laugh, travel, and play without worries Strengthen pelvic wall muscles with only 10-15 minutes of daily Let’s you work out without worrying about embarrassing leaks Comes with a pouch so that you can train even when travelling Incredibly versatile, you can use these while you cook, get ready for work or even shower! Please consult with your doctor before using any type of kegel system, particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition affecting your pelvic health.With correct and continued use, the Kegel exercises can safely and effectively reduce incontinence and vaginal prolapse and strengthen pelvic wall muscles.An exercise guide is provided in the form of an ebook, which is sent to your amazon email address. If you have opted out of amazon emails please contact us. Do not begin exercise until you have read the ebook. Clean with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after use. Only use a water-based lubricant (if required).Consult your healthcare professional before attempting to use any Kegel system, especially if you are pregnant or have recently given birth. Do not use during menstruations. Vaginal use only. Choking Hazard: Keep out of the reach of children. Product contains silicone: Make sure you are not allergic to silicone.

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