Fly Fishing Flies Realistic Dry Wet Nymph Trout Flies Hand Tie Lures Kits 12/26/48 Pcs (5-Moth kit 12pcs) : Sports & Outdoors

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Yazhida(YZD), NEW FLY high simulation insect series is the novel product produced by YZD with the most advanced scientific and technological craft.  It follows nature’s law of the Jungle--any insect that falls into the water will eventually become food for fish.  In ancient times, fishermen created the classical FLY on the basis of this phenomenon but they were unable to make the flies look the same as the real insects limited by poor technology and materials.  However, after fully understanding the purpose of fly fishing method, YZD has turned the highly simulated flies that could not be realized in ancient times into reality with the help of modern new technology and materials.

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