InnoGear Adjustable Mic Stand for Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with Microphone Windscreen and Dual Layered Mic Pop Filter, Max Load 1.5 KG: Musical Instruments

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Price USD:$19.99*



InnoGear mic stand is built with firm metal, double-braced arms and strong spring and can be used for different conditions. 180° foldable arm can be adjustable in full angle.The combo comes with a microphone clip, metal microphone screw,a connection adapter and a mic stand which is suitable for almost all kinds of devices. Enhanced stability and load capacity for your using. As for the mic pop filter, it performs even better under professional recording environment. Double layer gauze filters noise to the lowest. Picks your original sound only. Say goodbye to complicated post-production. The especially design belongs to the mic windscreen, it is tailored for blue snowball and blue snowball iCE, we hope it will bring you a different experience. In a word, this combo will give you unexpected results. You deserve it. Q: Does this combo come with a Blue Snowball or Blue Snowball iCE? A: Sorry, it doesn’t, our combo just have mic stand, pop filter and windscreen. Q: Does the mic windscreen work with the blue yeti or other microphones? A: This kind of windscreen is only used for Blue Snowball or Blue Snowball iCE. But the mic stand and pop filter work greatly with blue yeti. Description  Microphone windscreen is specially designed to fit the Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE. Made of high quality acoustic foam material, it can not only effectively filter out the harsh "p", "t", "b" sounds and the sound of wind and other unwanted background noise to improve the quality of your audio recording, but also protect your microphone by keeping out harmful dust and moisture.  Heavy duty construction mic stand is designed with an adjustable positioning screw, which can easily clip to any desktop up to 2'' thick. Double layered screen pop filters help to minimize plosives like Ps and Bs and can cut down on sibilance. This is a great combo for singers and actors alike who want to achieve the best possible performance. It is widely used in professional recording studios, stages, broadcasting, etc. Specification Microphone Windscreen Color: Black Thickness: 10mm Weight: 8.4g Height: 10.8cm Maximum diameter (middle position): 11.4 cm Minimum diameter (bottom position): 7.5 cm InnoGear microphone stand is suitable for: Blue Yeti, Yeti Pro,Yeti Nano,Yeti X, Blue Snowball iCE and Blue Snowball Audio-Technica AT2020, AT2020USB+, AT2035, ATR2500-USB and ATR2100-USB Fifine K669B & K669  Package include 1* InnoGear Microphone Windscreen for Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE 1* InnoGear Microphone Scissor Arm Stand 1* InnoGear Double Layered Screen Pop Filters 1* Warranty Card Note Microphones are not included, the Blue Snowball and Blue Snowball iCE are perfectly matched to this sponge cover.

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